Innovation & Transformation

I provide consulting and support in processes of innovation and change, also in phases of uncertainty, for instance

  • collaborative and team processes
    (scrum methodology, the competing value model)
  • change processes
    (person-centered, hypno-systemic coaching, solution-focused thinking)
  • the planning and leadership
    (effectuation cycle, design thinking, business model generation)
  • innovation management
    (pretotyping, open innovation, working in networks)

So how does one organize lasting change and adaptation for them to be grasped willingly and become in themselves meaningful? How can individuals be supported for a sustained culture of co-operation to emerge and become conducive to a climate of innovation? I provide creative innovation coaching and systemic organizational development for individuals, teams, organizations, networks and innovation ecosystems.


The topics involve accompaniment on the road to new territory, to strategic and proactive excellence, to processes of personal open-mindedness, also the fostering of creativity, architectures of collaboration, concepts for innovative organization and personal development and sustainable leadership. I am an expert in uncertainty processes. And I am specialized in online processes, deploying a broad variety of different tools to deliver rapid assistance at short notice.


Our environments are changing at an ever-faster pace, and we feel the effects systemically. We find ourselves in a permanent loop of adaptation and renewal. This produces uncertainty and resistance, but also opportunity and potential.


Parts of us always remain the same; they seek to reside in what is familiar and stable. This is a good instinct. But we also have aspects of our personalities that are full of longing, expectations, wishes, wanderlust and adventurous spirit, craving surprises, change, individuality and uncharted territory. These aspects already live in the future. To help these different parts engage smoothly, it is frequently beneficial to seek outside assistance, allowing us to understand which elements are responsible for innovative tasks and what constructive form a solution may take.


I am pleased to work with hypno-systemic tasks, game-storming and ‘learning in reverse’, which means first to playfully experience an upcoming learning process and then to evaluate the experience within a group environment. This is particularly effective when accompanying change processes, decision-making situations, phases of uncertainty, the fostering of collaborative culture and an innovative climate, designed to develop teams, organizations and products.